Jerry Pritchett Kettlebel

Atleta SBD Elite

Jerry Pritchet

Jerry Pritchett first began playing T-ball at the local rec center and was a league bowler at the age of 5. After several sessions of playing both little league baseball and soccer, Jerry got into playing basketball and football his freshman year of school. In an effort to become stronger for football Jerry joined a local gym and with-in a few weeks Mike Wonyetye saw something special in Jerry and asked to compete in what would be Jerry’s first powerlifting meet where he pulled 460lbs at 15 years old. This sparking the competitiveness in Jerry he went on to win 3 Gold Medals at the AAU Junior Olympics (1997, 1998 and 2000), set a lot of state and World Records and winning several National and World titles for Powerlifting. Jerry continued to play football though out high school and a semester at Glendale Community College.